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Kadai Bites

Saffron Platter (V) $24.00
Two pieces each of moong dal samosa, fried mushroom, tandoori paneer and bhel puri

Tempura Prawn $16.00
Golden fried prawns (6 pcs) in tempura batter, served with chilli plum sauce

Chingari Chikori (V) $8.50
Crisp coconut fried paneer, kidney beans, potato and moong dal bites tossed in tangy chilli sauce, flavoured with anise and coriander

Potato 65 (V) $7.50
Crispy potato tossed in spicy aromatic tomato gravy with chetinnad spices

Moong Dal Samosa (V) $8.00
Crispy pastry filled with moong dal, potato, raisins and spices; served with tamarind chutney

Momos – Chicken or Prawns
Homemade steamed and pan-fried dumplings with ginger, spring onion and your choice of chicken $10 or prawns $12

Crumb Fried Mushrooms (V) $15.00
Fresh mushrooms stuffed with cheese and spices, served with yoghurt and cumin dip

Lamb Samosa $9.00
Tasty lamb mince with potato and peas in crispy pastry; served with mint chutney

Masala Fried Fish $16.00
Crisp fried masala fish with fresh spices, rolled in rice flour, served with miti miti dip

Chilli Paneer (V) $12.50
Cubes of paneer tossed in our chef’s special sauce of chilli peppers, soy, onion, ginger and garlic

From the Tandoor

All our tandoori items are gluten free. Please note all tandoori items are cooked to order and may require 20 minutes or more preparation time

Tandoori Sizzler $34.00
Two pieces each of tandoori fish tikka, chuje kebab, lamb seekh kebab and murgh malai tikka; served with salad and mint chutney

Shahi Paneer Tikka (V) $16.00
Paneer, peppers, tomato and onion in hung yoghurt, saffron, garam masala, ginger and lime; served with salad and mint chutney

Chicken Tikka $15.00
Tandoori roasted boneless chicken in tandoori spices, yoghurt, ginger, garlic and lime

Fish Tikka Lasooni $18.50
Fresh fish fillets in our tandoori spice mix with garlic, yoghurt and lime; served with salad and mint chutney

Chuje Kebab $16.00
Boneless chicken with fresh green herbs, cheddar cheese, yoghurt and spices, smoked in the tandoor; served with salad and garlic chutney

Murgh Malai Tikka $16.50
Boneless chicken marinated in cashew nut paste with cream, yoghurt and spices, tandoor roasted; served with salad and mint chutney

Amritsari Jhinga $24.00
Prawns (8pcs) marinated in yoghurt, garlic, mustard, lime, ajwain and kalongi; served with lemon and green chutney

Tandoori Chicken Multani $26.00
Marinated chicken (1/2) in our special mix of tandoori spices, paneer, cashew nut, yoghurt, lime, chilli and garlic

Lamb Seekh Kebab $15.00
Tender lamb pieces marinated in our tandoori spice blend, tandoor roasted; served with salad and mint chutney

Curries and Such

Masala or Chilli Crab $75.00
Fresh mud crabs cooked in fresh ground masala, cashew nut, coconut and curry leaves or in Thai chilli sauce

Fish Tikka Masala $21.00
Fish tikka tossed in freshly ground hara masala, tomato, onion, capsicum, ginger and fresh coriander

Kochi Fish Curry $24.00
South Indian style fish curry in coconut gravy flavoured with fenugreek, mustard and curry leaves

Asian Fried Fish $42.00
Whole fish marinated with ginger and spices, deep fried; served with sweet and salty chilli sauce

Thai Honey Prawn $29.50
Batter fried prawns (10pcs) tossed with honey, basil butter, crushed peppercorn and bongo chilli

Fresh Fish Navsari $39.00
Fresh bone-in salmon cod slices marinated in fresh ground spices, shallow fried with onion and chilli; served with its own masala oil

Prawn Balchao $32.00
Tiger prawns tossed in our chefs creation of tangy tomato gravy with anise, kalonji and ginger, finished with jiggery and tamarind

Murgh Changezi $32.00
Our chefs special half bone-in chicken marinated in cream, ginger and spices, cooked in the tandoor then tossed in butter masala with chilli peppers

Chicken Saagwala $24.00
Boneless chicken cooked with creamy spinach, spices and onion gravy with butter and cream

Green Curry Chicken $21.00
Chicken jalfrezi with Thai green curry, lemongrass, coconut, palm sugar, tomato, onion and chilli peppers (contains shrimp paste)

Murgh e’Laziz $23.50
Boneless chicken tossed in tomato, yoghurt and chetinnad spices, flavoured with mustard and curry leaves

Butter Chicken $22.00
Chicken tikka simmered in rich creamy tomato gravy, enriched with cashew nuts, kastoori methi, butter and cream

Chicken Dhaniwal Korma $24.00
Boneless chicken cooked in almond and coconut gravy, flavoured with fresh coriander

Chicken Tikka Masala $22.00
Tandoori chicken tikka tossed in aromatic tomato gravy, flavoured with kastoori methi, ginger and coriander

Chicken Vindaloo $22.50
Boneless chicken marinated in Goan spices, malt vinegar, finished in sour and spicy gravy

Hawaiian Chicken $21.50
Cubes of chicken, pineapple, capsicum and tomato tossed in soy, ginger and green chilli flavoured sauce

Chicken Dhaniwal Korma
Boneless chicken cooked in almond and coconut gravy, flavoured with fresh coriander

Kung Pao Chicken $21.50
Cantonese style chicken, wok fried with shaowing wine, soy, vegetables and cashew nut, drizzled with chilli oil

Mussalam of Lamb $32.00
Lamb shank braised till tender in a rich aromatic red onion, yoghurt and almond gravy, flavoured with cardamom and rose

Bhuna Gosht $24.00
Our chefs special bone-in lamb slow cooked with onion, ginger, green chilli, tomato and freshly ground spices, finished with mace and coriander

Rogan Josh Kashmiri $26.00
Tender lamb cooked in Kashmiri spices with brown onion and tomato, flavoured with cinnamon

Nargisi Lamb $23.00
Aromatic lamb koftas simmered in saffron, almond, yoghurt and onion gravy, finished with cheese

Massaman of Lamb $24.50
Boneless lamb and potato cooked with freshly ground massaman spices, fish sauce and coconut milk

Kadahi Gosht e’Laziz $24.00
Bone-in slow cooked till tender, tossed in tomato, yoghurt and chetinnad spices, flavoured with mustard and curry leaves

Fiji Curries
Bone-in meat cooked with Fiji masala, tomato, onion, ginger, mustard and curry leaves. Your choice of chicken $22, duck $32 or goat $32

Chatpate Aloo(V) $15.50
Flavoursome, tantalizing potato dish with aromatic spices, tamarind and curry leaves

Chilli Paneer (V) $18.00
Wok-fried paneer and peppers tossed in our chefs special chilli sauce with a touch of honey and ginger

Angoori Kofte (V)
Mini koftas of paneer, potato, raisins, dates, nuts and spices, simmered in a flavoursome creamy cashew nut gravy

Kadahi Mushroom and Cashew (V) $22.00
Fresh mushrooms, cashew nuts and peppers tossed in tomato gravy with kadha masala

Aloo Baigan Ki Lonji (V) $15.50
Eggplant, potato and chilli peppers tossed in tangy tomato gravy with crushed pepper, sesame and anise

Lasooni Paneer (V) $18.50
Cubes of paneer simmered in a velvety gravy flavoured with roasted spices, garlic and kastoori methi

Sizzling Tofu (V) $18.50
Sizzled tofu with Asian vegetables, soy, sriracha and hoisin sauce, flavoured with coriander and served on a sizzler plate

Chefs Special of the Day (V) $16.00
Please ask your server for today’s vegetable special

Paneer Tikka Masala (V) $20.00
Tandoor paneer tikka with tomato, chilli pepper, tossed in red onion and tomato gravy with ginger and coriander

Sizzled Baby Corn (V) $18.00
Flash-fried baby corns and peppers tossed in special chilli and garlic sauce, flavoured with coriander

Palak Paneer (V) $22.00
Homemade paneer cooked in rich creamy spinach with spices and fresh cream

Dal Tadka Lasooni (V) $12.00
Yellow split peas tempered with garlic, cumin and coriander

Dal Maharani (V) $15.00
Assorted lentils and pulses simmered in onion and tomato gravy, flavoured with kastoori methi and enriched with cream and butter


Khandari Murgh Biryani $29.00
Chicken and basmati rice cooked in layers with rich aromatic gravy of saffron, almonds and rose water

Awadi Lamb Biryani $32.50
Tender lamb and fragrant basmati rice cooked with fried red onion, yoghurt, nuts and spices

Hyderabadi Vegetable Biryani (V) $19.00
Seasonal vegetables and fragrant basmati rice cooked with coconut and South Indian spices

Breads from the Tandoor

Plain Naan $3.00

Buttered Naan $3.50

Garlic Naan $3.50

Cheese Naan $9.00

Kashmiri Naan $8.00

Roomali Roti $3.50

Missi Roti $3.00

Tandoori Roti $3.00

Aloo Paratha $5.00

Pudina Paratha $5.00

Add Ons

Jeera Rice $6.00

Saffron Rice $7.00

Basmati Rice $4.00

Green Salad $8.50

Onion Salad $4.50

Mixed Raita $5.00

Plain Curd $4.00

Chillies $2.00

Pickles $4.50


Gulab Jamun $8.50
Hot milk dumplings in rose scented syrup, served with vanilla ice cream.

Fruit Salad $10.00
Tropical fruits with vanilla ice cream

Kesari Kulfi $8.50
Saffron and almond kulfi ice cream served with pomegranate sauce

Coconut Kheer $6.50
Classic rice and coconut pudding with mango sauce





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